McCully only spring water {Norway, WingRidge, BigSheep are snow-melt}

Woodstoves, firewood, matches 12 camp-rest chairs
Fire starter Food storage boxes/coolers 12 Therma-Rest sleeping pads
Propane cook stoves and fuel Gravity-feed water filter system Ensolite foam sleeping pads
Water jugs 5-gallon Extra flashlight
Pots, pans, kettles, and griddle Outside bathroom Coleman lanterns, mantles, and fuel
Silverware and serving spoons Dish soap, dishtowels, and paper towels
Coffee pot/Melitta cone and filters Disinfectant bleach (for washing dishes) Axe, maul, wedge
Wash basins, hand soap and hand sanitizer Sleeping pads
Plates, bowls, glasses, coffee mugs Toilet Paper/Paper Towels Large snow shovels
Cutting board and knives Magazines and games(CARDS!) Toolbox
Can opener/cheese grater  WineBottle opener