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The goal here is to fit your essential gear into your day ski pack. You should be able to ski in with your day and half pack 2200-3800cc(30-40L) No need for monster pack, unless of course you're a gear head in for a punishing. Good trick is to strap stuffsack full of overflow items onto daypack for hike in. Words of wisdom" if you can't wear all your layers at the same time, then you don't need it" except of course your pj's, extra socks and apres ski attire.

BEDDING is provided. All you have to carry is lightweight compact bagliner and pillowcase provided.

Foot Repair: BLISTER PREVENTION moleskin, molefoam, benzone tincture(for adhesion), paint-on secondskin, moist burnpads.

Pack: Day and a Half size, 2200-3800cc (30-40liter), basically holds essential day ski gear, no need for oversize pack. Stuffsack for overflow items, strapped onto pack, is handy for first days ski into camp.

Base Layer: Capilene Tops and Bottom, Mid-Weight (spring) or Expedition Weight (early winter) Lightweight for the sweaty Vikings

Mid Layer: Vest and or light fleece

Soft Shells: Pants and Jacket (highly breatheable, windproof, and still sheds snow, just about every manufacture has their own version these days) Can subsitute need for hardshells like Gortex.

Outer Shell: (optional if you have Softshell pants and or jacket) Gore Tex Top with Hood, Full Sidezip Shell Bottoms. Hardshells reccomended for Norway drag-in.

Insulated Parka: Down Sweater or Polarguard Jacket (great for rest breaks to retain warmth or in-camp nature calls)

Hats: Brimmed Sun Hat or Visor (keeps snowflakes out of eyes), Headband, Light Nordic Stocking Cap (beanie), Thick Earflapped Hat (style statement)

Eyeware: Goggles(mandatory for Norway drag-in) and or Shields, Yellow or Rose Lenses (superior for flat light conditions), Sunglasses, Chamoix or Lense Cloth Wipe

Hands: Insulated Shell Overmits or Gloves with removable Liners(or spring gloves), or the tried and true insulated leather workgloves

Socks: Your usual ski socks (change out for every other day), knee-high nylon stockings as blister preventer.

Personal Gear: Camp Booties (over the ankle, lightweight, stuffable) Tooth Maintence, SunBlock, Lipbalm, Headlamp, Light outfit/pajamas with flair (for apres skiing and sleepy time(earplugs?) 2 liter Waterbottles, Stuff Sack for overflow items , Optional Sauna Supplies

Slope Tools: Telemark, Alpine Touring(Randonee), SplitBoard, Climbing Skins(glop stopper), Broke-in Boots, Telescoping Poles, Scraper (for removing snow and ice around bindings especially splitboard), Binding Repair Kit

Safety Gear: Avalanche Transciever(Digital), Shovel, Probe, Safety Whistle

$15/day Avy Transcievers; Tracker DTS II, Pieps DSP

$3/day Probe

$2/day Shovel

$20/day Satellite Phone $2/min.


SPLITBOARD $40/day Voile Split-Decision/Spark RandD strap bindings or plate bindings (includes skins and collaspable poles); Artisan 153, 162, Freeride 166, Classic 175cm

SKIS $30/day(includes skins): Dynafit 187 Manaslu, BD 185 Amperage w/ Fritschi, BD 175 Amperage w/Dynafit, BD 176cm Aspect.

BOOTS $20/day BD 290 Factor, Scarpa 285 Maestrale, BD 275 Prime

TG Keg $200 6-gallons of locally brewed beer portered to camp. Seasonal flavors.