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Big Sheep Hosted/Catered: 3-day/2-night or "Hut to Hut" 5-day/4-night. Availability

For those of you McCully skiers who have always wondered what's behind the basin, look no further for the Wallowas oldest best kept secret of epic ghost glade powder stash. The Big Sheep drainage runs east west providing an endless north wall of freshies. The copious below treeline terrain excapes the notorious windlowa damage. 1989 wildfire burned out numerous acres opening up prime tree skier habitat.

Big Sheep access is from the Wallowas highest Snopark(6200ft), Salt Creek Summit. Traveling 3-miles with light day packs up and over Wing Ridge(7500ft) eliminates the circumnavigation travel slog and allows for more turns on the way to and from camp(6400ft). All our food, beer, camp gear is shuttled around to camp via snowmobile. Day one includes making turns on the way over and ends at camp for happy hour. The last day the snowmobile shuttles our camp gear around for us so that we can ski all day with light packs returning to SCS late afternoon. This makes a three full days of skiing minus the typical travel slogs of other camps. $700 per person: Fri-Sun, 3-day/2-night. "Get 'er done"

Furthermore, you can combine McCully camp(7500ft) with a high alpine traverse up over down into Big Sheep for a classic Hut to Hut. Going into McCully for two nights with time to ski McCully's classic lines. Then day three travel 5-miles up and over high alpine Diamond Pass(8700ft) into the North Fork BigSheep, descending to Big Sheep camp(6400ft). Day Four, sample Big Sheep's famous ghost glade skier habitat. Day five, up and over Wing Ridge(7500ft) to Salt Creek Summit(6200ft) with turns along the way. All meals, guides, bedding, and shuttling provided. $1200 per person: 5-day/4-night, Hut to Hut. 3 ppls minimum. Mid to late winter is best.

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Unique one of a kind Eastern Oregon style, exoskeleton wall tents for bedding x2. New 20ft yurt for kitchen/dinning area. Small wall tent for sauna.

Nork Fork Big Sheep drop in with monster North wall to ski along the way on hut to hut