Schneider Camp

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Schneider Camp

This is the Wallowa’s deepest snowpack consistently verified by adjacent SnoTel site. Accessed via either White Fir Retreat or Clear Creek SnoPark. Easy peisy 6-mile snomo ride in on a groomed road by local Panhandlers’ Snowmobile Club. Or Forest Service road 6610 in summer. Camp sits at 6000ft on private 160ac inholding surrounded by National Forest. Norway camp is 3miles north. Cornucopia Yurt is view across Pine canyon. SchiMeadow is perfect for the hybrid skier/rider throttle jockey. Hotlaps from 400ft to 1k vert.

This is a year round camp offered in summer as a downhill mtn bikers basecamp! Excellent single track in Meadow, Trail, and Clear Creek trails. Shuttle service provided to Fish Lake 7000ft and pick up at Clear Creek SnoPark 4000ft. Plans in the works for a flow trail on basecamp property. Summer visitors car camp with springwater available and porta-potty latrine. 20ft Pacific Yurt and 32×12 Deluxe PlayHouse cabin are available to rent overnight winter or summer $75/head/night for up to 12ppl. Wood heated, all kitchen accoutrements, dinner table, bunk beds, sauna, latrine outhouse.

SchiMeadow drive in camp will be the southern hut end of future trans Wallowas hut to hut connecting communities of Halfway and Joseph OR. Yurtmiester is estatic about this new location for year round stoke!

The Details

  • Hut fees:
    • $750/night for up to 12

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