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McCully Camp

McCully basin is where it all began for WAH in 1980. We've come a long way since skinny skis and sagging wall tents. As the ski gear evolved into sophisticated downhill touring equipment, the camp has grown into a little yurt village. With 41 seasons of operation, McCully boasts a rich and colorful history of ski visitors. The seasoned veterans say the food has gone gourmet and the new gear is cheating. But, everyone agrees what makes McCully truly special is it's unique location situated inside the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. Solitude, fresh tracks, and glistening slopes abound.

Wing Ridge Camp

Wing Ridge Camp sits at 7300 ft and is approached from Salt Creek Summit. The journey is 1.8 miles and is a 1000 ft elevation gain to camp. There are two 20ft diameter kitchen yurts outfitted with all necessary accoutrements, but no oven. There are also two sleep wall tents, two latrines, and a shared sauna.

Big Sheep Camp

Big Sheep camp is located behind Wing Ridge accessed via the Wallowas highest SnoPark, Salt Creek Summit at 6200ft. Traveling 3 miles with light day packs up and over 7500ft saddle of Wing Ridge Trail #1828, eliminates the first-day slog to camp and allows for turns on the way to and from camp located at 6400ft. On the 100 road.

Norway Camp

NORWAY trips meet in Halfway OR, 97834. You know you're at the end of the road when you see snowmobile trailers and no pavement. If the road becomes snowgroomed, you've gone too far!! From the end of the paved road it is a six mile drag in behind snowmobile, then skin in (at summer trailhead) is 3-miles gaining 2000 ft.

Cornucopia Camp

Cornucopia Yurt is located at 7200ft on Little Eagle Meadows at the foot of Cornucopia peak, 9000ft.

Camp includes 20ft yurt serving as kitchen and accommodates 8 skiers. Camp is accessed by a 2-mile ski from Summit Look Out trailhead, 7000ft. The approach begins with an 8-mile snomo tow-in or SnoCat ride for an extra fee.

Schneider Camp

This is the Wallowa’s deepest snowpack consistently verified by the adjacent SnoTel site. Accessed via either White Fir Retreat or Clear Creek SnoPark. Easy peasy 6-mile snomo ride in on a groomed road by local Panhandlers’ Snowmobile Club. Or Forest Service road 6610 in summer.  The camp sits at 6000ft on a private 160-acre inholding surrounded by National Forest. Norway camp is 3 miles north. Cornucopia Yurt is viewed across Pine Canyon. SchiMeadow is perfect for the hybrid skier/rider throttle jockey. Hotlaps from 400ft to 1k vert.